Maçã da Beira Alta

We've been replanting our orchards since 2000, using state of the art planting systems. The tree varieties are expertly selected and virus-tested by the best Spanish, French and Italian breeders.

In the Quinta there's allways been production of Bravo de Esmolfe, a traditional portuguese variety of delicate flavour. It is sold in exclusive to the portuguese market, directed at the connoisseurs of the best that is made in Portugal.

The Golden Delicious is a variety that was introduced in Portugal in the 60's, ranking currently first place in the world's production. This best seller finds in Beira Alta's microclimate exceptional conditions for the development of fragrance and sugars, profiting from the medium altitude and good Sun exposure.

Red Delicious is a truly red apple, that has gained popularity through the fiery color, the exceptional sweetness that it gains in the Beira Alta's climate, and the delicate flavour.

The Gala variety is bicolor. It was introduced in Europe in the 90's from New Zealand, and conquered in just a few years the preferences of the consumers, by blending the red and yellow color, the snappy texture and delicate taste.

In 2004 we started planting the Fuji variety, a apple originated in Japan that has grown in popularity as an alternative to the red varieties. It has a late Summer's maturation, that confers it a distinct structure and tang, while having remarkable conservation capacity.